Spectromas supplies load indicators and (digital) weighing indicator for all industrial platform scales, truck or container scales. In addition, Spectromas offers electronic systems for process automation, e.g. for checkweigher and dosing process.
Innovative and reliable: Spectromas provides the optimal load cell for your application. Rely on the competence of the worldwide market and technology leader in weighing technology.

Weighing Technology from HBM

The right load cell for your application

HBM provides you sophisticated and innovative weighing technology components specifically for your application:

Weighing Technology for Scale Manufacturing

HBM load cells can be found in road vehicle scales, tank and platform scales. Many postal, medical, counter and counting scales also contain advanced load cell technology made by HBM.

HBM is a leading manufacturer of load cells and weighing components - ranging from the load cell to corresponding accessories and amplifiers and user-friendly weighing electronics.

Single point load cells from HBM

Weighing Technology for Plant Engineering and Process Weighing

In process weighing with HBM load cell

Plant safety, product quality and reproducibility are important factors to consider for every tank and batching scale. HBM components meet the most stringent demands - anywhere in the world.

HBM provides load cells, weighing modules, electronics and software for ...

  • Level monitoring
  • Tank and batching weighers
  • Weighing of additives and silos.

Load Cells from HBM

Weighing Modules from HBM

Weighing Indicators from HBM


Weighing Technology for Dynamic Weighing

Dynamic weighing with HBM load cells

Digital HBM load cells provide thecontrol functions for sorting, filling and batching processes. Our digital electronics make analog load cells fit for dynamic weighing.

The digital load cells from HBMenable functionality, speed and accuracy to be optimally adapted to the requirements of dynamic weighing applications. The load cell feeds the control electronics with a digital, scaled signal corresponding to the weight value.

The load cell electronics performs sorting tasks by means of limit values and hysteresis. Atrigger function enables an event-controlled determination of weight depending on speed, size and accuracy. In addition to their high torsional and bending stiffness, the load cells ensure good protection against mechanical loads by means of integrated overload protection in the direction of tension and compression.

Digital load cells

Weighing Technology for your Special Application

Special load cell applications

As your capable and reliable partner, we support you with custom load cellsand individually customized solutions.

Fast prototyping enables us to satisfy your weighing technology needs in the shortest possible time.

For example, we develop and manufacture specific components for...

  • Weighing hospital patients
  • Medical technology
  • Weighbridge measurements
  • Weighing of garbage
  • etc.