Gaining Real Insight into Wind Turbines’ Health

The requirements for both on- and offshore wind power turbine designs are constantly increasing.The efficiency of wind power depends on valid tests and measurement results which can minimize downtime and maximize service life.

By learning more about the behavior of the structure, measurements can be a guide in the journey towards an optimized design. Continuous monitoring assessment can ensure the structural integrity and an extended and profitable life-cycle of your wind turbine generator.

Monitoring or testing a wind turbine’s structure and components with HBM measurement systems and turnkey solutions is the right tool for:

  • Validation of innovative designs
  • Optimization of construction techniques and materials
  • Improved planning for service and maintenance
  • Long-term structural integrity during operation
  • Individual Pitch Control (IPC)
  • Decrease of weight and complexity

Benefits of Monitoring your Wind Turbine

Maintenance for Profit

Predicting failures by continuously monitoring the wind turbine’s structure and components is the most effective maintenance approach, granting high savings

Reduction of Operation Risk

Early detection of damage leads to the prevention of dangerous structural faults on critical assets, reducing intervention times and repair costs

Design Validation

With the exponential growth of wind farms, monitoring the wind turbines’ components during construction can be a valuable tool to validate new methods and materials

HBM offers complete measurement solutions that include precision sensors and instruments for testing and monitoring components, rotor blades, towers and foundations. These can include both electric and/or optical strain gauges, sensors, data acquisition systems and software, as well data analysis services.

HBM’s team of skilled and certified Project Engineers provides professional on-site installation of sensors* and support throughout the instrumentation in any environment. For projects that involve large sensing networks, HBM may also rely on the expertise of qualified partners to integrate its solutions.

*available services according to country

HBM has available systems and solutions for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)Condition Monitoring (CM), and Structural Durability Testing based on either electrical or optical technologies, above and below the waterline, for either long- or short-term projects.

In addition, hybrid solutions of electrical strain gauges and optical instruments may be specifically configured to meet the guidelines of most applications.

HBM measurement technologies and systems can identify mechanical stress on wind turbine components at an early stage and plan maintenance actions ahead of time, hence minimizing downtimes.

With more than 60 years of know-how and expertise in strain measurements and ESA (Experimental Stress Analysis), HBM can refer to a growing number of application references, involving major players.

Critical Data Instantly Available via Cloud

HBM cloud-based structural health monitoring package ensures access to data that is relevant to the structural health of infrastructures—such as bridges or tunnels—via the Internet at any time.

With the Cloud solution, users do not have to set up their own server for data storage and analysis. HBM uses the renowned Microsoft Azure platform to ensure that the most stringent standards for data security are met, including those under European law.

HBM Cloud demo overview